Solar Light as a Service


What makes RET different

What makes our lights truly different

We are a nimble and agile manufacturer that can implement changes and improvements with lighting speed. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our lights and welcome your ideas and suggestions. The best part of our approach, is everything is modular and can be upgraded at the blink of an eye.

We harvest more energy

Bi-Facial Solar panels – our solar panels harvest energy from the top of the panel, but they also harvest energy from the bottom of the panel by extracting energy from reflected light. We do this to ensure that we maximize the energy we collect and can promise you our lights will not go out even on stormy days. In fact, even on those stormy days we are experiencing 90% + in harvesting energy.

We maximize storage

We use the largest batteries in any off-grid light. While others skimp and use 10-20-30 Amp Hour (Ah) batteries, we use 60 to 120 Ah batteries. This means our lights are more capable to operate in the worst weather conditions. In fact, we rarely exceed 50% Depth of Discharge (DoD) meaning we do not go below 50% power available even on a completely overcast day. 

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Our lights are smart!

RET has developed a truly smart off-grid streetlight. Despite the effort we have put in to ensure we harvest the maximum amount of energy and maximize our ability to store the power, we have also developed a Dynamic Energy Management System that pro-actively ensures our lights never go out.  

Our lights have style!

One of our unique programs is to manufacture lights that meet your aesthetic needs. From the style of the fixture to the type and color of the poles we adapt to you and not the other way around.

Our lights talk Back!

ONall365 streetlights are constantly monitoring their own health and telling us what is going on. When connected to the Internet through a RET Gateway, they send us alerts and reports on how they are doing. You can access this information through your Smart Phone, or from any laptop or computer – anywhere.

We can fund your project!

 Solar Light as a Service℠ is a unique RET funding program that gives you the option to fund your project on a price per pole, per month basis assuming you meet some basic criteria.  No maintenance or upgrade costs and we look after everything for you.

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