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Welcome to a unique funding program that is a global first in the off-grid lighting business. You can get the lighting you require for your project without any upfront costs. Once our lights are installed, we cover all maintenance; upgrades and repairs and you pay monthly.


Welcome to the future of lighting

Welcome to the future of lighting. Solar Light as a Service™ (SLaaS) is the only program of its kind in North America. Guaranteed to deliver lighting 365 days a year under any weather conditions, we offer the most reliable lighting solution you can find anywhere – surpassing grid-tied lights with no blackouts. Offering a funding program that includes maintenance-free lighting to developers, builders, municipalities, and any jurisdiction looking for peace of mind when it comes to their lighting and security needs.

Leading Edge Technology

Always Improving

We manufacture the world’s leading off-grid lighting. Solar Light as a Service℠ is our funding program that leverages this technology to give you lights that will operate 365 days a year in any weather conditions.  We are continually looking for ways to improve and bring leading edge features and functions to market. Importantly, when you have a suggestion, idea or request – we listen. 

SLaaS Key Benefits

No Upfront Costs

With SLaaS you have no up front costs, from conducting a complete lighting study and detailed Photometric right through deployment and commissioning of your lights. Worry free from start to finish.

Rapid Deployment

The SLaaS process is quick, efficient and gets your lights installed when you need them. From start to finish we take a 6-12 month process and reduce it to weeks. Our lights take less than an hour each to install.

Complete Flexibility

With no overhead or underground wires and no need to trench, you maintain complete control of the positioning of your lights. This provides you complete flexibility to increase security by reducing dark spots and getting lights into areas where traditionally it may have been difficult.

How SLaaSSM Works

Planning is integral to the overall approach we use and allows us to ensure we offer you the right light in the right place and at the best value. This is a collaborative effort and we get you involved from the beginning. But don’t worry, we take care of all the heavy lifting and your job will be easy. Once we have what we need to ensure your requirements are met – we propose what we think is the right solution in the form of a detailed Technical and Financial Proposal.

We turn to manufacturing and installing your lights.

Once your lights are deployed and operating we monitor their health 24X7 over the Internet. We provide all upgrades and repairs and you never have to worry about a thing.

How We Plan Your Project

We Analyze

We do a complete assessment of your project by researching 10 years of local irradiation data to calculate real-world operating conditions at your location. This tells us exactly how much solar energy we can harvest from the sun every day, all year long. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras mollis, est ut pretium porta, arcu elit bibendum mi.

We Simulate

We use our proprietary solar sizing software to establish the precise system criteria at your location. In other words, we build lights specifically for your location, unlike others who make one of their products fit. We take this one step further by simulating lighting at your location over a typical year and can show you exactly how your lights will operate.

We Size

We use the absolute “worst-case scenario” to size your lights. What this means is using the lowest irradiation (amount of solar that can be energy harvested) and the longest winter night. This allows us to calculate the minimum acceptable battery charge level, and size of the solar panel to optimize your system to deliver light 365 days a year. Lorem ipsum dolor sit.

We Propose

Once we have analyzed your location and simulated and sized your system, we provide you with a Technical and Financial proposal that includes a full lighting study and Photometric. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras mollis, est ut pretium porta, arcu elit bibendum mi, at congue eros nunc id est. Vivamus efficitur lacinia nulla sed ultrices.

How we monitor your SLaaS lights 

With every SLaaS℠ project we implement an online community dashboard in the form of a Light Portal. This portal provides real time 24X7 monitoring of your light health and alerts us when we need to take some action. It also provides real-time local weather data with the simple click of your mouse. 

How we support your SLaaS lights 

We are monitoring your lights 24X7, however if for some reason you detect a problem, we make it easy for you to get service. 

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What Makes Our Lights Different

We are a nimble and agile manufacturer that can implement changes and improvements with lighting speed. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our lights and welcome your ideas and suggestions. The best part of our approach, is everything is modular and can be upgraded at the blink of an eye.